Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Concluding Miss Molly's Hotel

All in all, after conducting research and investigating Miss Molly’s Hotel, I feel that Miss Molly’s Hotel history has something to do with the hotel’s hauntings. The building itself is over one hundred years old, so the hotel has a lot of history. I know several people have died at this location and decided not to leave quite yet. I feel strong about my opinion that Miss Molly’s hotel is truly haunted based off the evidence I collected on this particular phenomenon. I collected evidence from reliable sources, such as Ghost Lab, Henry Bailey (paranormal investigator), and real life video from a guest that stayed at Miss Molly’s, which proves the hotel’s hauntings. I feel that Miss Molly’s Hotel has proven to be unique. I would not mind visiting the hotel myself and seeing what Miss Molly’s Hotel has instore. 

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Miss Molly's Haunting Evidence

Is there any evidence to support the phenomenon at Miss Molly’s Hotel? Why yes there is. Many of the staff members and guests that have visited the hotel have reported some of their experiences. Some of the evidence such as EVPs (tape recordings), photographs, statements from paranormal investigators, and results from the paranormal investigation are kept in the main living area of the hotel (Bailey). I found some evidence from someone that stayed in the hotel, this person experienced a lamp moving in their hotel. WARNING this video contains language that maybe inappropriate for some viewers, click the link to watch the video (!). This piece of evidence has proven to have significance, because the video is shot directly from someone that had stayed in the hotel and shows that the hotel is clearly haunted. Another paranormal investigative team, as seen on Discovery Channel, known as the Ghost Lab has visited Miss Molly’s Hotel and conducted a paranormal investigation. I found two particular sections that were shot at Miss Molly’s Hotel, this episode of ghost lab, premiered in October 27, 2009, is named Under the Skin. In this certain episode of ghost lab the investigators check out some out the different experiences guests have had at the hotel. Some past guests have reported apparitions, hearing voices, and the feeling of being watched while taking a bath. The two videos that fit my phenomenon go by the names of: Ghostly Voice and Haunted Bathroom, click the link and watch these two video sessions ( These two videos prove that Miss Molly’s Hotel, beyond reasonable doubt, is haunted by showing mind boggling evidence, captured by Ghost Lab, that has no other explanation than the fact the hotel is haunted.
                                             Miss Josie's Room

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Stories Reported About Miss Molly's Hotel

Miss Molly’s being the oldest bed and breakfast in Fort Worth; many people have many stories to tell about the hotel’s hauntings. According to Henry Bailey (2005) out of the seven themed rooms as Miss Molly’s the Cattlemen’s and Cowboy rooms have been reported with the most sightings. One of the most common sightings is that of a “young girl, who many believe was a former tenant of the hotel […]”.  Many people, visitors and employees of the hotel, have reported seeing entire body apparitions, smelling mysterious scents, and items vanishing without any explanation (Belanger 179 and 180).  Some others have experienced toilets flushing by their selves, lights switching off and on, unexplained cold areas, unlocked doors not opening, and unusual/unexplainable sounds. “According to the current owner, Dawn Street-Boyd, one housekeeper quit because she kept finding coins in the rooms even though there had been no guest in that room […]” after just cleaning the room and the coins continually reappearing. Several paranormal investigator groups have visited Miss Molly’s Hotel. The hotel has not only been visited by Henry Bailey, but Texas Christian University’s paranormal class, formally known as TCU, has visited the haunted hotel on numerous occasions; several weird photographs and EVP (tape recordings) have been taken at the hotel. Overall Miss Molly’s Hotel is considered one of the most haunted places in Fort Worth and the most paranormally active place in Texas (Bailey).
Cattlemen's Room

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

History of Miss Molly's

The location of Miss Molly’s Hotel is in the Fort Worth Stockyards right above the Star CafĂ©. The Fort Worth Stockyards, established in the nineteenth century, where several wild longhorns grazed the land became part of Fort Worth’s livestock industry (Belanger).  Businesses started popping up through the landscape when the railroad ran across the newly established Stockyards (Belanger). Miss Molly’s Hotel, established 1910, originally was a boarding house called the Palace Rooms; it went through the prohibition renamed as The Oasis (Bailey). Miss Molly’s Hotel went through the 1940s as a bordello named the Gayatte Hotel (Bailey). According to Henry Bailey, an independent paranormal investigator, has visited Miss Molly’s Hotel and conducted a paranormal investigation on the hotel. I consider Mr. Bailey famous, because he has investigated the Thornwood Castle that appears in Stephen King’s Rose Red, he has been part of several paranormal groups, and still remains an honored paranormal advisor (Bailey). As of today Miss Molly’s Hotel runs as a bed and breakfast and serves as a romantic getaway for couples that want to visit this historic area of Fort Worth.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Initial Thoughts of Miss Molly's

            For this blog I have chosen to explore the paranormal activity at Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast Hotel located in the historically famous Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. I have chosen this specific topic, because I have lived in Fort Worth all my life and Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast Hotel seemed to stick from all my other ideas for this assignment. Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast Hotel stood out from my other choices simply because of the Hotel’s history. I believe the phenomenon at Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast Hotel is truly unique, giving the Hotel’s history and location. My overall opinion of the hotel’s phenomena fascinates me. My initial impression of the hotel was instant interest in the phenomenon, because of the hotel’s proximity to where I grew up. After conducting research on this particular hotel, I believe the hotel, beyond reasonable doubt, is haunted. 
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